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Have you ever heard about Norstrat? Do you want to know about this consulting company which is part of the Norstrat group of companies? If yes, then this article is definitely for you. Here in this article, we highlight some hidden features of Norstrat.

Norstrat was a company founded with the collaboration of Canadian armed forces, Northern business giants, soldiers and officials. This consulting company with some amazing work solutions was established with the aim to provide the utmost help to their clients. They are working as a one-stop solution point for all businesses.

This company was founded back in 2010. The government officials and armed forces of Canada power it. This company expanded their business around the world by using digital technologies, but most of the working area is around America and Canada. Norstrat also helped provide professional training to law enforcement and public health sectors. Moreover, they also work as a bridge between the public and government sectors. 

Norstrat supports its customers in getting specific goals by providing assistance, guidance and proper documentation. They also help in the implementation of Canada’s Northern strategy, which is necessary to follow for all businesses.

One of the company’s co-owners, Lee Carson, earned more than $200 million last year through Canadian contacts only. This revenue can show the trust level of the company’s clients. Lee Carson is a respected member of Canadian aerospace and defence, and his professionalism in this business and positivity is the reason behind thousands of satisfied clients.

Hence we can say whether anyone is in search of the best customer support, has any creative goal in mind, is seeking someone to handle all the legal procedures during the initial stage of business or looking for a team who knows exactly your plan and turn it into reality then Norstrat is the best possible solution for you.

Services Offered By Nortstrat

Norstrat is putting the best of its service for extreme customer support. Besides many of their services, one is building and enhancing corporate image, as we know how much goodwill and brand image matter for a business. Any fake news or fake story can ruin the business. This company primarily focuses on the image-building of a business using its expertise and experience.

In the next step, they focus on marketing and promotion of business. When we talk about today’s world, promotional strategies and new marketing concepts are always welcome by people. Clicking deals and offers and creatively designing marketing campaigns are surely a must for all businesses. Thus Norstrat is helping businesses with effective and fruitful promotion. Norstrat has an additional feature of providing marketing products. Thus, whether you need promotional cards or business heads or are searching for brochures or merches of different iconic figures, you always get all on time with Norstrat.

Another service which distinguishes this company from others is that it built strategic partnerships with other businesses so that they can work better. They also help in getting exposure to public relations. Moreover, Their intern programs for students in all leading military and law agencies are the best part which they can’t neglect.

 On the other hand, they generate a distinct identity which outstands others in the Northern strategy community. This identity helps in the promotion of business, too, as it enhances the trust level of people in you.

Norstrat Partner Program

Nostrat has special offers for their partners or those who trust them. They allow their members to meet in annual meetings and share their experiences, hurdles and best practices. Moreover, they arranged experts to meet up, which built an outclass connection among all members.

Another yet exciting outclass feature that can avail Nostrat partners is the business’s physical security. As security is a much more important concern in today’s world, Norstrat solves this problem by providing full and foolproof security.

On the other hand, if any member of Norstrat is facing financial problems, the company is always there to support and push up this business. This feature of the company is really a blessing.

Additionally, all the members have the opportunity to get free training related to security and finance from Canadian special forces and national security experts.

They also conducted different basic training programs for beginners to make correct decisions. These training programs include leadership programs, entrepreneurship, professional development and many more.

Above mentioned programs are surely helpful for newcomers and trainees. Moreover, detailing digitalization, developments and the latest skills helps members enhance their decision-making ability and improve their soft skills. 

Important Projects Of Norstrat

Norstrat has completed many worthwhile projects which are real gems and has some special and unique places. One of their finest projects is the Radarsat Constellation Mission. This mission is operated by the Canadian space agency, which sends a fleet of spacecraft to space to observe satellites. Norstrat was working there as a co-partner and brought this successful project to the next level. After the success of this project, two more highlighted projects which show the professionalism of Norstrat are Radarsat 2 and Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel. These projects help in oil exploration and fundamental research.

Some other valuable clients and big names who trusted Norstrat are:


  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Ultra Electronics Marine Systems 
  • Saab Technologies Canada (via H+K)
  • Raytheon Canada Support Services
  • MacDonald Dettwiler
  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • Northwestel (via H+K)
  • Northrop Grumman (via H+K)
  • Canadian Coast Guard


So, these great companies took the services of norstrat and are really happy with the company’s work. Moreover, one of the best parts is that all these companies, after asking the services from norstrat, are growing at an amazing speed. It isn’t so exciting.

Technologies norstrat used

Well, there are an array of technologies the company uses. The few yet most used are Google API font, JQuery Migrate, DNS Go daddy to WordPress, and many more. So, these are the most used technologies that are not in trend but bring out exemplary results.


Thus, we have exploded almost everything you may be looking for and come to the point that norstrat is a great company providing outstanding services.

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