Everything about the Shower Standing Handle

Shower Standing handles for security showers can be both stylish and functional. They will provide careers, household members, and users peace of mind. Read about them now!

The shower standing handle, a grab bar, is used in bathrooms to secure you while entering and exiting the shower. The shower standing handle is designed to be easily held and attached or screwed into the wall of your bathroom to make bathing more convenient. Grab bars can also help someone who has difficulty getting up from a seated position on the toilet. These bars are supportive and should withstand the strain of the person using them.

Grab bars, showers, and bathtubs are common, but people prefer models installed near the toilet or sink for added stability. Previously, it was assumed that these bars were only useful for the elderly, but these days you may find several in the bathroom equipped with grab bars. 

Types of shower standing handles:

Do you need a shower handle for your bathroom? If so, you have two options for shower standing takes. Shower standing handles come in two varieties: fixed and removable. Now, let us know briefly about these two types of handles.

Fixed shower standing handle:

A fixed shower standing handle is permanently attached to your bathroom using adhesive or a screw. These handles are made of stainless steel or other strong materials, making the user feel safer and more secure.

If you are looking for fixed bar gear, you must be extremely cautious and cautious before installing it. You may be wondering why. So this is because these are fixed once and will be used for years, and that’s why you need to choose the perfect place for installing these gears; the height where the handles will be placed should be perfect, as well as you need to be very particular about the section in which you will be drilling holes, and much more.

Removable shower standing handle:

What isn’t possible in the twenty-first century? Because almost everything is, you may also come across various removable shower standing handles.

Suction holds this type of shower standing handle to the walls of your bathroom. These plastic gear bars can be attached to non-porous flat surfaces such as acrylic, glass, or tile. They may be less effective if connected to grout lines or rough surfaces. Removable rails are not recommended to support your entire body weight because they rely on suction to grip and may not be secure or support your weight. Their advantage is that they can be easily relocated and used while travelling.


What are the Benefits of Shower Standing Handles?

People who are more prone to falling, such as the elderly, can use shower standing handles to help them stand up. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 3 million older people fall and end up in the emergency room yearly.

The CDC recommends that people more prone to falling install grab bars around the toilet and shower.

Additionally, older adults had a higher risk of falling, according to this study, compared to younger people.

When grab bars are properly installed, they can be useful when:

  •       getting into and out of the tub or shower
  •       taking shower
  •       changing positions, such as bending or standing from sitting.
  •       It is advantageous for older people.
  •       Beneficial for people with arthritis.
  •       Assists those who have sustained injuries.
  •       Assists those who are recovering from surgery.
  •       Protects those who might require any physical assistance.
  •       It makes you independent because you won’t require assistance from others to use the restroom.


How do we decide?

Price: Products are available in a variety of price ranges.

Installation types: The list below includes permanent and more flexible installation options.

Weight restrictions: The products on the list support various weights to accommodate various body sizes.

Shower or bath size: Some companies manufacture bars small enough to fit in small spaces, while others manufacture bars large enough to fit in standard or large tubs and showers. People can consider a shower standing handle that will fit their needs.

Permanence: Some bars use suction cups to stick to the wall, making removing and moving them around the room easier. Others require hardware installation. Consider grabbing an easier-to-remove shower standing handle if you need to move the bar or can’t change your bathroom.

Needs: Each person has unique needs. Others may require a bar to hold onto for support while bathing or showering, while some people may only require one to assist them in entering and exiting the shower or bathtub.

Materials: Companies use various materials, including metal and hard plastics, to create their bars. A person might consider bars made of a particular material for aesthetic or other reasons.


How to Install Shower Standing Handles?

While shopping, you might come across various shower standing handles that can be installed using a screw, suction cup, adhesive, or wall mount.

Suction cups are the most affordable installation method and a great short-term solution. Adhesives are a choice if you’re looking for efficient ways to use the bathroom or the shower. For permanent installations, wall mounts and screw-in are the best choices.


A temporary or permanent attachment can be made to the shower standing handle. Most removable shower handles have suction cups that firmly adhere to smooth surfaces.

The weight capacities of these bars are typically moderate and come in a different range of sizes than permanent grab bars.

They are, however, inexpensive and simple to install. Provisional bars might be a suitable substitute if you think you’ll be fine without a grab bar in the long run.

Grab bars that are permanently installed in bathrooms provide a high level of bathroom safety. When properly installed on your home’s wall studs, many can withstand the pressure of up to 500 pounds.

The installation’s drawback is that it will leave holes in your tile or walls. To ensure these grab bars are installed correctly, hire a professional.


Do you have a standing shower handle? If not, have it installed as soon as possible, considering your needs and requirements, as you never know when it might come in handy in your bathroom. Always check the material, weight-bearing ability, size, style, and installation technique before purchasing. Choose the best shower for your bathroom because these components are crucial in a shower.

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